Sunday, July 1, 2007

Victoria, BC: Happy Canada Day!

When we last left of intrepid adventurer (lazy vacationer), I was heading for Vancouver Island via the San Juan Islands from Seattle. My Cousin Terri kindly dropped me off on the Mulkiteo (sp?) Ferry, saving me the pain of cycling through the northern Seattle suburbs. While cycling around Seattle is fantastic, getting out of town is a bit more difficult...unlike Portland which has bike lanes all the way to the country side. My plan was to camp on Lopez Island but by 4:30 is started to poor and I was still a good three hours from my destination. I ended up camping at Deception Pass (named by Captain Vancouver because he thought he found a bay but instead found an island). Yesterday I caught the ferry from Anacortes to Sidney, BC, a three-hour ferry plus three-hours of waiting for the ferry. I'll be hanging out in Victoria for the next couple days, visiting McGillican friends then cycling for 3 or 4 days heading to Cortes Island to visit Nina, Steve, and Heather at their farming school. I may have some free time this afternoon to post pictures...but I may take a nap is my vacation after all.

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barkeater said...

Hey, it was great hanging out with you in Seattle! And very cool that you camped at Deception Pass State Park--that's where I proposed to Amy, many many moons ago. Hope you're having fun up in Canada, eh!