Sunday, July 22, 2007

Prince Rupert, BC

Check out the pictures from Nick!

Original Quick Update:
(no time for spell checking, sorry). Nick Phelps and I have arrived in Prince Rupert
(North America's wettest city), BC after a wonderful cruise-like ferry ride from Port Hardy. The 15-hour ferry ride goes along the most uninhabited BC coast and the inside passage - a deep water navigatable channel with 1000+ meter mountains rising out of the sea on both side. Incredible. Prior to the ferry, Stacey and Nick Cowan joined me for cycling from Vancouver, up the Sunshine Coast, then to North Vancouver Island to Port Hardy. The Sunshine Coast was beautiful, nice roads, and big hills. It was a good warm up for the interior trek from Campbell River to Port Hardy. While the hills on this part of te trip were much larger, there were very gentle grades, so the hills lasted kilometers and took an hour to climb which was very demoralizing at first. But after we discovered that we had some huge downhills to bomb down wafter our endless hill climbs, it seemed worth it. We wilderness camped after Campbell Rive - the first night on a logging road and the second night on the banks of the Eve River. It was really great to have friends along for the ride, and speaking for all of us, it was a blast! The next stretch will be more trying physically and mentally as we head into true wilderness and grizzly country, but evertime we talk with the local, we get all kinds of suggestions of amazing lakes and glaciers to check out on the way up (mostly visible from the road).

Today is another rest day - figuring out cargo configurations with two riders, picking up the new Harry Potter, and waiting until Monday morning to pick up a package from the post office. Then 12 days of none-stop cycling fun to Whitehorse!

Until the Yukon....

Journal Posts and Pictures:

Day 1:

And they are off!

Chillin' in the shade

The Olympics are coming!

Nick's sad because we missed the ferry, Stacey is happy we didn't leave her behind:

Sunset on the ferry:

Day 2:
In search of coffee:

Day 3:
Condensed Milk - 1300 calories of yumminess!

Day 4:
Cross the pass:

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