Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vancouver and Getting Stoked!:

I'm in Vancouver after 3 days of cycling from Cortes Island. Nothing to report really except it was really hot. Yesterday I got on the road before 7am for that I would have my 90+km day done before 1pm. When I finished my ride, I set up my hammock on the shade and slept/read until dinner.

I'm staying in Vancouver for the weekend. Then starts my 3-week adventure to the Yukon. The longest stretch will be on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. Wikipedia gives the following history:


The Highway 37 of today is the result of highway extension projects begun during the 1960s and climaxing in 1972.

Originally, a roadway extended south from the Alaska Highway to serve the Cassiar mining district, eventually reaching Dease Lake and joining a road to Telegraph Creek (sometimes referred to as Highway 51, but not signed as such). To the south, logging roads extended north almost as far as Meziadin Junction.

By 1968, the route of what is now 37A extended past Meziadin Junction north. By the middle of 1972, only a few miles remained to be built between Meziadin Junction and Iskut. Four bicyclists, whose journey from Alaska to Montana was chronicled in a May 1973 National Geographic article, braved the muddy gap.

Once this route was completed, travelers only had to contend with limited hours for using the logging roads south of Meziadin Junction, roads which were upgraded during the 1970s. The completion of a new bridge over the Skeena River gave Highway 37 a more direct connection to Highway 16.

Today all but 40 km are paved. Its not the adventure is was 40 years ago, but it should still be a fantastic trip.

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