Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seattle: Part 2

Man Seattle is great. Yesterday I walked around the UW campus. Incredible Gothic architecture and views of Mt. Rainier that won't quit. Glad I didn't see the campus before deciding to go to UNC. I also took the bus downtown and walked around the Pike's Place Market, the Seattle Public Library, and I rode the Monorail (just for kicks). Today I got a cool tour of Fremont, the H2W (my postal code in Montreal) of Seattle, thanks for Matt Stevenson. He and his two cute little boys showed me the rocket (a 30 foot rocket attached to a building), Lenin (a statue of Lenin from Slovakia that a Seattle man bought after the fall of communism and one of the only monuments that shows Lenin with guns and fire rather than books), and the troll under the Fremont Bridge (a statue of a troll grabbing a real VW beetle). Tomorrow I'm off to the San Juan Islands and to Victoria on Saturday.

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