Friday, August 3, 2007


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Yes, I made it. 11 days of intense cycling from Prince Rupert (1400km). I'm still adjusting to "normal" life. I"m going camping (car) for the weekend to recover before hiking the Chilkoot Trail next week. I'll post pictures and more details next week when I have more time.

Journal Entries (in progress) and Pictures (caption to come):
Ferry to Prince Rupert:

Day 1: Yellowhead Highway

I heart logging....

Day 2:

Fishing for bear spray...don't ask how it got down there in the first place...

Kitwanga, Cassiar Highway

Day 3:


on the road bike repair

who wants hot dinners anyway...

How can you log after you plant?

Dinner: cold couscous with instant mushroom soup mix, cheese, and m&ms

Day 4:

Bell II

Day 5:

first washout

like Patagonia, the highways don't have lines

what goes down, must come up...

Nick climbing 10% with 110%

Day 6:

washout 2: this one prevented traffic from using the highway --> the longest 2-lane bike path in the world!

Getting a lift through construction

We had to ride through this construction site.

sub-alpine peatland

Gnat Pass - crossing from the Pacific to the Arctic watershed

Day 7:

Cycling with our French Pals, Nicolas and Jean

Jade City! They are super cyclist friendly!

Day 8:

Mrs. Chief with son and friend - fed us soup, caribou, and coffee to warm us up for riding in the cold storm.

Nick fixes a broken spoke.

Day 9:

A couple of banf's on the Alaskan Highway

Strong headwinds make Nick tired.

Day 10:

Bombing into Teslin Lake

Last camp...on the side of the road like the day before and the day before and the day before....

Day 11:

I'm so happy to be almost there!!!


Nick find zen at Pine Lake.

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