Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Whitehorse Update

Sorry for the lack of posting - pictures or words. I haven't been able to find decent bandwidth to upload and pictures. As for words, well, I've been enjoying my time experiencing the Yukon instead of sitting on a computer. So Nick and I made it and in exceptional time - 1400km in 11days. Along the way, we saw 14 bears on the Cassiar Highway (13 black, 1 grizzly), some as close as 5m away...too close, but none were aggressive...just eating berries and watching us pass on by.

The ride was wonderful, not that rainy, decent roads, and since part of the road was washed out and thus closed to traffic, it was like a giant bike path!

Along the way, we met fellow cyclists Jean and Nicolas, brothers from France that are cycling from Vancouver to the Arctic Ocean. Check out their website, its far nicer than mine (but they've spent 5 hours on the computer this last weekend, while I was camping with Yukoner friends of Carla's - eating as much as I could eat, and sleeping as much as I could sleep). We wish them tail winds and no rain on their ride further north!

Our bodies are adjusting to normal life again. We still eat constantly, but I'm not taking advil like candy which my liver appreciates. Our last few days of riding were tough because of long hills, winds, and being just plain long - 137km, 162km, and 115km.

Nick flies back to Portland today. Carla and I are off to Skagway, AK to hike the Chilkoot Trail. Its supposed to rain...but what's new.

Next week I fly back to Michigan then drive down to North Carolina and start school. I'll try to post the rest of my pictures and journal when I get a chance, but I'll need to move in, go to orientation, and buy a computer before that happens...

Cheers from the road!

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barkeater said...

Congrats Ben! What an accomplishment. Can't wait to see the photos.