Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Wow, this place is as good as everyone says, as long as you don't mind the overall hippy vibe. It really feels like the entire place is a giant Plateau-Montreal. I arrived last night after a very turbulent flight (I get, well,....everything sick, car, bus, train, plane....and we won't talk about the sea, what can I say, I was never meant to be an astronaut).

I got dropped off at Nick P.'s house by Dave at 9am, assembled my bike waiting for Nick to awake on his day off. After a filling vegetarian breakfast (I haven't eaten meat since landing in this city due to a lack of opportunity), Nick P. gave me a grand tour of Portland via bicycle. It is the most biek friendly city in Amaerica, freindly drivers, lots of signs and bike paths even across the river. We road over to the new aerial tram that connects the OHSU campuses. An awesome view of the city aw well as Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's both in perfect view on this lovely sunny day. Afterwards we road up to the rose gardens, which are in peak bloom. A fantastic site and incredible aroma! Then some more riding through the neighborhoods, a quick stop at a bike shop for spare parts for the long road, and beer, beer, and more tasty Oregon beer. Yes, Portland is that good, good beer, good people, hell, even rush hour traffic isn't that bad.

My plan is to head out on Thursday, most likely along the Cascades on my way to Seattle followed by Victoria, BC for Canada Day.

Cheers from the road (almost)!

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Evan said...

That's all you've got to say about the aerial tram? This blog sucks. ;-)